Colour Firefox like Netscape and Pretend it still exists

I love Netscape. I still haven’t forgiven AOL for the event that occurred February 2008.

Firefox has decided that the colouring of your browser should be left to you. While it may not be the elaborate and fancy themes of old, at least you can still have a level of customisation to your boring browser window.

Here are some colour themes I have created to re-live the glory days of Netscape Navigator.

Netscape Fusion

Firefox browser with orange buttons, an aliceblue toolbar background, and black header bars.

Fusion Revised

Firefox browser with blue buttons, an grey toolbar background, and black header bars.

I’ll add more soon…

By Casey

Casey is a back-end developer specialising in PHP, primarily for WordPress developments. Outside of Spaghetti-hell, he also works a lot with IoT and Raspberry Pis.