I’m known by my friends and colleagues for my collection of machines. Here’s an insight into what exists in my armory.

Main Machines

Apple Macbook

Last of the original run of the Macbook line, I have a still operational Macbook mid-2010, running a core 2 duo. Unbelievably, it’s still fast enough for me to operate on and remains my go-to machine for general purpose computing. This currently runs Mojave thanks to Dosdude.

Toshiba Satelite Pro

Swapped my girlfriends uni laptop for a Macbook late-2010 model. While Mac is a great platform, I had grown weary of it while my girlfriend had become accustomed to Apple. This ain’t a powerful laptop by modern standards, but does everything I need to do including graphics.

This laptop was used for Hackintosh. Read about that here.


A recent aqusition from Pine64, a startup that really piqued my interest for trying to build a low-cost laptop. Running an IoT board called Pine64 (similar to a Raspberry Pi), the laptop is able to be extremely lightweight and energy efficient but with a small cost in performance. The build quality is as economical as can be, but somehow they managed to perfect it. By far one of my most interesting laptops!

ASUS Transformer

I wanted a tablet that would run Windows 10 full edition, with a detachable hardware keyboard. I also wanted decent battery life, but not to spend too much money. Apparently, while this all sounds like a hopeful wish even for Narnia, such a thing existed. This perfect little beauty is the same build as a netbook (I compare it to an eee PC) and pretty decent performance, even for minor graphics manipulation. The machine I use the most.

Other Machines

iBook G4

I actually obtained this in 2016. I admired these little laptops, and I have always been interested in the PowerPC architecture. It comes with a fair set of problems as the last owner wasn’t particularly careful, but it’s a treat to experiment with older software.

PowerPC G4

Obtained from a job I did with a relative, they wanted to junk it but had troubles due to the sheer weight of the PC. so naturally, I now own it.

Samsung N130 Netbook

A netbook that was released around the time that netbooks started to appear, so the performance is somewhat lacking. I’ve been running Lubuntu 16.04 on it, and use it for small tasks when other machines are unavailable.

IBM Personal Computer 300

My first ever computer! My beloved Windows 98SE machine, this is where my passion for IT started from. Donated to us by my late Grandad, and hooked up to broadband by my Mother, this machine started my access to the magical world of technology.

Acer Aspire T180

While my IBM was my first, this was my main battle machine through my child years. I used this computer to Google cheat codes, get banned from Club Penguin, install my first ever copy of Ubuntu (Karmic Koala 9.10), get banned from Habbo Hotel, and my first attempts of hacking using hex modification (good ol’ Cheat Engine). For some reason, this had a 64-bit processor… and came with Windows XP 32 bit.

Bought in 2007 by my late-Grandad, and officially died in 2017. Was a difficult day, but holy hell this machine lasted 10 years!