Work Lunches Made Digital

After our semi-regular work lunches started gaining traction around other departments, our back-and-forth email chains soon ended up with lost orders. So a Slack channel was set up with a regular aim at getting kebabs (our go-to work lunch source). Thus, #Kebab-Mondays was born.

As a Digital team, we love Slack. We also use WordPress a lot. I decided to combine the two to automate the order lists we were creating, and after a lengthy work debate – Shab’s Kebabs Kebabability Kebabble was born.

The process is (currently) simple. Write up a Monospaced order via WordPress, and upon publish it gets posted onto the Slack Channel. We aim to take this further, including:

  • Slack-bot ordering (@kebabble 1 paneer roll please!).
  • Connect with open APIs to grab menu information.
  • Vote buttons for very quick ordering!
This project is licensed under the MIT license, some rights reserved