Behind the Bowl

👋 Hello! I’m Casey…

…and I love technology. I have been working with various different technologies since I was young and so far the only answer tech hasn’t given me is how to stop!

👨‍💻 Speciality

Web Development

My language of choice is PHP for the past 4 years. I have learned the art through an apprenticeship with the Building Research Establishment since I was 19. The team was a mixed bag of different development styles, so I know how to code by the book, quickly in an emergency, how to test and debug other peoples’ work, and how to quickly grasp and maintain legacy code.

WordPress is my speciality CMS. The sheer flexibility of WordPress is my favourite aspect, and always leaves me trying to push it to the extremes. I am experienced at hook/filter development and minor theme-related developments, and regularly attend WordPress Meetups to share knowledge with the wider community.

The tools of my PHP trade are:

  • Composer.
  • Phpunit.
  • Codesniffer (WordPress Coding Standards).
  • WP-CLI (also built CLI extensions).

I am also currently teaching myself Java, having learned C# during my apprenticeship. I am fond of cross-platform interoperability which put me off continuing with C#. It’s no longer the case with .NET Core, but Java has won me over.


Due to my work with WordPress my database experience is both MySQL and MariaDB, however I am also experienced with Microsoft SQL due to a large portion of systems I have dealt with being Windows-based.

Operations (DevOps)

I love configuring servers. I have been assisting operations teams with configuring code-purposed servers for the past 4 years, to help ensure they are built not only for their intended purposes but as future-proofed as they can be. What good is a brand-new web server if it will be unsupported in a year?

My newest experiment is with Docker. After spending long hours staring at the documentation and not understanding the point it serves, after a eureka moment I now can’t stop using Docker! My primary passion is compiling development-related compose files and image setups, with the goal of forever killing the age-old ‘it works on my machine’ phenomena for good.

📱 Other Technology

I absolutely love hardware tinkering. My home desk is a vision of phone parts and random screws, and I love fixing up old phones to try old technology and alpha software on. A broken screen is a challenge, not a moment to dispair! I strongly support Right to Repair, and advocate for sustainable, self-fixable technology.

In fact, vintage technology is my passion! I am an avid collector of the old technology, and always try to find modern-day uses for them without resorting to salvaging. Retro consoles are my specialty, in particular the PlayStation 2.

My devcave is filled with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. There is not a challenge that can’t be solved with a handy Pi! I currently have a Pi Zero cluster (named Anton Jr in reference to Silicon Valley) running Docker Swarm… Why? Why not!

📵 Non-tech Interests

🎨 Art & Design
A vector drawing of the 9th doctor who as a woman, leaning out of the TARDIS traveling through the time vortex. Signed and dated 18/06/13.
9th Doctor, female. Vector (Inkscape).

In my younger years I was a kid who always doodled on every bit of paper nearby. In my adult years… I am still the same! My favourite is mostly to try and replicate existing works, but I do like to draw Manga-infused works in my spare time.

⚡ Electronics
London Underground tube train door, Jubilee line. IoT device hack.

My passion for technology extends outside the realm of just computers. I also have a passion for electronics. There’s nothing like the sensation you get after repurposing a device, or tearing down and recycling components.

I am a EV Petrolhead (if you can think of a better definition, let me know!), and I am absolutely fascinated with electric vehicles. I unfortunately don’t own an EV car, however I currently have a project lined up to make a custom EV peddle-assisted cycle, and then a full-EV cycle! My pie-in-the-sky dream goal would be to make an EV MX-5!

🏃‍♂️ Sport

Running is a big part of my life, and my favourite outdoor activity. I regularly run with Strava to try and compete with the neighbourhood members, and particularly enjoy a ghost run. I am also getting into cycling, thanks to a wonderful gift from my partner. There’s something about a small amount of human energy that lets you travel a large distance that I find especially appealing!