About Me

Casey, aka soup-bowl

I’m a professional back-end developer, specialising mostly in PHP. My love is to work with WordPress, but I do hold a special place for Laravel in my heart.

I am experienced at configuring and writing code for the following technologies (in order of experience):

  1. WordPress.
  2. Laravel.
  3. PHPBB.

I also have varying amounts of experience with front-end development using JavaScript (mostly jQuery), CSS (I love LESS precompiler), MySQL, Microsoft SQL C# and Java. It’s hard to keep up with my repitoire as I tinker with more and more upcoming technologies.

I have a serious love for the Raspberry Pi. Where possible I have replaced most of my choice technology with IoT devices such as this. I’ve used Raspberry Pi’s for gaming, home entertainment, audio systems, automation and more.

A well-known passion of mine is retro gaming. I run Revive Today, a website dedicated to providing guides for squeezing the most entertainment out of newly-retrofied consoles and hardware. Outside of this, I also have a love for old PC equipment. I own an IBM Personal Computer 300, a PowerMac G4, and an iBook G4 as some examples.

In my spare time I am also interested in photography and illustrations. I have a love for Vector-based illustrations, predominatly using Inkscape as my weapon of choice. I also draw using my trusty Wacom Bamboo tablet, although this has waned in recent years.